Dolfing Family in Asia

Dolfing Family in Asia
Don't only think and dream about it, just do it !
Who are we?

We are a Dutch family: Jan-René (45), Monique (43), Saskia (9), Nadine (6) and Michiel (4). For the past three years we have been living in Switzerland, near Zurich. We have enjoyed every minute that we could spend in the mountains, whether it was while hiking in summer time or skiing in winter time. Now (early 2007) we have decided to go travelling for 120 days.

Where are we going?

We will be starting our journey by flying to Bangkok on April 12th 2007 (our 10th wedding anniversary) and we have a return ticket departing from Jakarta on August 9th. During the 120 days our plan is to travel to North Thailand by train, then from there go into Laos to Luang Prabang, down to Vientiane and then fly to Hanoi. We will then cross from the north to the south of Vietnam and fly back to Bangkok from HCMC. The second half of our trip we will travel through South Thailand, maybe hop into Cambodia, and finally spend the last 4 weeks on Bali and Lombok. Nothing too fixed though, we have chosen to have the flexibility to be able alter our plan depending on how things go when we travel.



Thailand (April 13 - May 1)

Thailand pictures

Laos (May 1 - May 16)

Laos pictures

Vietnam (May 16 - June 9)

Vietnam pictures (1)

Vietnam pictures (2)

Cambodia (June 9 - 21)

Cambodia pictures

Singapore & Malaysia (June 2

Singapore & Malaysia picture

Indonesia July 11-August 9

Indonesia pictures (1)

Indonesia Pictures (2)


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